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The 7 Steps to Heal From Your Betrayal + Breakup and Create Your Dream Life


This masterclass is for young women who:

  • Have experienced sexual betrayal trauma in their romantic relationship
  • Have left that relationship
  • Are looking to rebuild themselves
  • Want to figure out what they really want in life
  • Do not want to spend a lot of time or money putting pieces of information and healing modalities together
  • Want support from someone who has been in your situation
  • Can better relate to someone close to your own age. You want someone who speaks the same "language" as you, can bring some humor to a serious situation, and delivers content in an aesthetic way

My Story & Goal

Believe me when I say: I have been where you are. In 2021, I found out about my ex- husband’s infidelity, and my entire life changed overnight. Over the next 2+ years, I went on an intense healing journey. I dove into trauma healing, personal development, and became almost unrecognizable just one year in. Though my ex did not choose recovery and my marriage did not make it, I did! I focused on grieving my relationship, building my new life, and documenting everything along the way so that I could help other girls who were going through the same thing (and in less time than it took me!) I have taken the most helpful healing modalities and pieced everything together into a signature framework that will provide a total transformation, and I will be sharing part of that with you in this masterclass!

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